Why use SteelX for your project?

If you want to remove mesh and rebar, cut costs, improve safety, reduce your schedule and improve strength then you need SteelX 5:25.

Below are examples for how SteelX 5:25 can be used to replace conventional steel reinforcement. 

(Note images below do not contain SteelX 5:25 but rather TSR technology of which McClay Industries Pty Ltd was previously the Principle Agent. McClay Industries Pty Ltd had direct oversight of all the projects depicted in the images below.)

Eliminate Rebar in footings

                                From This

                                 To This


SteelX 5-25 Gold is an ideal solution for reinforcing footings and foundation. Pads, Strips and Bored Piers have extensively been reinforcement with Twisted Steel Rebar throughout Australia with support from SteelX Rebar (McClay Industries Pty Ltd).

Eliminate mesh in slabs

Reduce complexity on heavy structural designs

From This
​conventional design

To This
a 60% reduction in rebar

By using Twisted Steel Rebar to reduce the rebar on this underground pit the client saved over 1 week in construction time, significantly reduced the projects complexity and improved work place safety for their staff. 

Remove rebar from walls

Twisted Steel Rebar technology has been used in over 100,000m2 of walls throughout Australia and thousands more around the world. See some Twisted Steel Rebar projects in our Gallery where McClay Industries Pty Ltd have been involved in the past.

Bored Piers without a cage

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